Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Water is Dangerous

  • It causes death due to accidental inhalation, even in small quantities.
  • Prolonged exposure to water in solid form causes severe tissue damage.
  • Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.
  • It's is a major component of acid rain.
  • Gaseous water can cause severe burns.
  • It contributes to soil erosion.
  • It leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.
  • Contamination of electrical systems often causes short-circuits.
  • Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.
  • Found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions.
  • Given to vicious dogs involved in recent deadly attacks.
  • Often associated with killer cyclones in the U.S. Midwest and elsewhere, and in hurricanes including deadly storms in Florida, New Orleans and other areas of the southeastern U.S.
  • Thermal variations in water are a suspected contributor to the El Nino weather effect.
    from Slashdot

  • 100% of all murders are committed by people who have recently drunk water
  • Water can be mixed with alcohol.
  • Large comets are mostly made of water and someday one will destroy the earth
  • Water is necessary to grow hydroponic marijuana
  • George Bush is 70% water

  • Uncontrolled, it can sweep away houses, cars and human beings.
  • Immersion in low temperature water is life-threatening.
  • Associated with an ancient form of torture that is still in use today.
  • Victims have been impaled on water in its frozen state.
  • Large bodies of water harbour dangerous creatures known to attack man.